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In order to provide the best possible services for our customers we are cooperating with the following companies:

Sparx Systems. Sparx Systems is a producer of UML modelling tool Enterprise Architect .

Since 2005 Erudis is the Sparx Systems authorized trainer: Certyficate....

 JetBrains JetBrains. JetBrains is a producer of the state of the art Java IDE IntelliJ Idea and RubyMine for Ruby and Ruby on Rails programmers. JetBrains is delivering an innovative distributed build management and continuous integration server TeamCity.
 AutomatedQA Automated QA. Automated QA is a provider of project live cycle management tools, in particular AutometedQA offers solutions for testing and performance measurement, bug tracking, build management and deployment.
 Visual Paradigm Visual Paradigm. Visual Paradigm offers a set of UML modelling tools.
  Genuitec LLC. Genuitec is a producer of MyEclipse IDE, professional IDE for Java developers.